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We’re bringing a fresh approach to the travel industry. We're accomplishing this in a variety of ways for our agents and for the suppliers we work with. We are fiercely independent and we believe that the future of the travel industry is fully-trained and supported independent agents. Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive for agents to be successful. With that mindset, we've removed elements within the industry that do not foster that environment. Part of this process is promoting the agent-supplier relationship. We do not dictate which suppliers to use and we encourage our agents to build relationships with the suppliers that best fit their business model and clients. This allows agents to get the service and support to grow their agencies without a middleman interfering. It's a pretty simple approach and agents love the culture we've created in the process.

  • 90/10 commission split for ALL agents
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Weekly commission payments
  • $350 one-time fee for new-to-industry agents
  • CRM for invoicing and client management
  • Supplier Showcase to help find the right supplier and capture key information
  • Access to our Credit Card merchant to process agency fees
  • Destination training
  • Business training
  • Supplier training library
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support
  • Business Development Services
  • Sabre as our Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Free and Semi-Custom Websites Options
  • Freedom to choose suppliers - you select the best supplier to meet your client's requirements
  • And more!

Since our success is directly tied to yours, we have a vested interest to provide you with the best tools and service. Don't take our word for it, check out what some of our agents are saying!

After 7 years of working with two different hosts agencies, I happened to find Legato by divine chance.  Two years ago I attended a luncheon and when asked to tell the group what business we were in, someone besides me said, “travel agent”.  Of course, I couldn’t wait to talk to that agent after the luncheon, and that is when I met Bill and Jonathan Morris. From the first words they spoke I knew they were men of utmost integrity with a genuine passion for the travel business.  Legato was in its infancy stages, but I knew I had come across something special and unusual. After two years of working with Legato, I can say that I have never had a better professional relationship than I have with Bill, Jonathan and their families.  I am able to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge that they are more than generous to share.  They have solid relationships with several BDMs – something I never had with my former hosts as they were located out of state. If you are looking for a host that will increase your income (no fees!), willingly give advice and guidance, and has incredibly nice folks running it, Legato is it.


After being in the industry for almost a decade it is so refreshing to find a host company that actually cares about the agents and their business. Legato is very responsive and helpful. I’m so happy with the decision I made with choosing Legato.


I feel privileged to be a part of Legato! Organized, knowledgeable, and so helpful!! They actually follow up with answers on any of my questions. They communicate and are the nicest people I have worked with in 25+ years! Working for myself, I always want to be a success, but with Legato, they have giving me ALL the tools to do that. They are preparing me for success and I can honestly say I have not felt that way with any other company I’ve belonged too! If you are looking for a professional travel industry partner, not be taken for every penny, it is time to make the switch to LEGATO!  You will be so delighted you did!!


What a great agency! Helpful. Supportive. Very responsive. No fees!


After quite a bit of research, and after a long history of being under a massive travel umbrella, Legato was a breath of fresh air. Not only do I have complete freedom for my agency but the support I have received is amazing. The team is extremely accessible and open to new ideas. I feel heard for a change. I am beyond happy that I brought my business to Legato


No Consortium? Really? But how can that possibly work to my advantage? Well let me tell you how. I saw a definite increase in my commission going with Legato Host versus my former host. The commission split was proof. With Legato, there is no middle man/agency and you work direct with the suppliers of your choosing. The training is all there. Both with the vendors and on the agent site. You don’t need to pay for training, and there is often times way more there than what you’d expect. You can use the information for your websites, and let’s talk about the website. They offer really good deals on the websites. I’m very pleased with Legato and the ease of communication is superb. I ask by email, Facebook, phone, and I get someone to contact me and talk to me and give me advice. Unlike other agent forums, I’m not shamed because I ask for help, or advice, and I don’t feel like I’m less than with the other agents, because we are all here to share and see each other succeed. They offer GDS system for those that need/want that, and they have great relationships with the vendors, direct. They do not rely on a third party mediator to build those relationships. The staff is out there building relationships with suppliers and they are adding to it, weekly. Set your own course and direction. And then experience the subtle, simplicity of Legato. They just make things smooth. They should. It’s in their name!


Refreshing to have a host agency not robbing the hard working agent. Personal and attentive ownership has the agents as number 1 to further the success of Legato. Give it a shot. More agents really need to know that there are better choices than what they always have looked at.


I joined Legato after being a member of a larger consortium for almost a year. I found Bill and Jonathan to be extremely accessible for any questions, comments or concerns that arise. PROS: The main impetus of switching to Legato as my host agency was simply the host/agent commission structure and no annual or monthly membership fee. Additionally, Legato allows me to add sub-agents as my travel agency grows without any additional host level overhead. It was a pure business decision. CONS: Being a newly formed host agency, the supplier/host commission structure isn’t at the same level as my previous host agency. However, this is insignificant for several reasons. First, I mentioned above that the host/agent commission structure is great as well as no annual and monthly service fees. Additionally, as Legato bills more invoices, the supplier/host commission structure can only go in one direction…UP. Therefore, I highly recommend joining Legato NOW. Get in on the ground floor action and you can consider your efforts in not only building your travel agency but collectively helping all of us with Legato increasing the supplier commission rates, bonuses and other benefits. Finally, getting in on the ground floor now would provide opportunities at the host level that might not otherwise be as readily available at more established or larger host agencies and consortia. I’m very happy with my decision to join Legato. What are you waiting for?!?!


What are you waiting for?

Come #JoinTheRevolution of truly independent agents!

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