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We’re bringing a fresh approach to the travel industry. We're accomplishing this in a variety of ways for our advisors and for the suppliers we work with. We are fiercely independent and we believe that the future of the travel industry is fully-trained and supported independent advisors. Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive for advisors to be successful. With that mindset, we've removed elements within the industry that do not foster that environment. Part of this process is promoting the advisor-supplier relationship. We do not dictate which suppliers to use and we encourage our advisors to build relationships with the suppliers that best fit their business model and clients. This allows advisors to get the service and support to grow their agencies without a middleman interfering. It's a pretty simple approach and advisors love the culture we've created in the process. Come #JoinTheRevolution of truly independent advisors!


To provide a platform for entrepreneurs to create, develop, and enjoy the benefits of their work in one of the fastest growing segments of the American economy, the travel industry.
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We took our decades of experience and created a fresh, new approach. We refer to this as the three S's: 

  • Simplify - Simple and straightforward.  
  • Serve - we are here to Serve you. 
  • Support - we want to Support and help you succeed. 

 We believe that YOU are the core of your business, not a host agency, consortia, suppliers, or any other entity. Your business is unique, just like you, and we are committed to meeting your needs. Whether you're brand new to the industry or have been around for awhile, you have full and equal access to all parts of Legato. You don't have sales quotas or hidden fees to worry about. We place you at the center of your business and surround you with a network of highly trained professionals that have a track record of success in their chosen fields. 

We take a customized approach in assisting you, recognizing that your business is important to you, that you take pride in it, and have specific goals that you want to achieve.

the legato advantage

It takes a lot to run an agency in this busy life, so we have worked diligently to help simplify it for our advisors. Having these perks doesn't mean you have to sacrifice services. 

Here's some of what we offer: 

  • Family owned and operated 
  • 90/10 commission split for ALL advisors 
  • Weekly commission payments 
  • Extensive self paced training for new to industry
  • Destination and Business Training 
  • Free, semi-custom websites with hosting included
  • Extensive Supplier Showcase-freedom to use the supplier that best meets your clients needs 
  • OneWurld, a cutting-edge booking engine   
  • Marketing tools and training through OneWurld and our supplier partners 
  • MontisPro, Comprehensive business management software
  • Competitive commissions
  • No monthly or annual fees 
  • Strong community of advisors 
  • Exclusive FAM Opportunities 
  • Destination and niche certification programs   
  • $350 one-time setup cost 
Since our success is directly tied to yours, we have a vested interest to provide you with the best tools and service. 

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Phone: (719) 413-4070 

Email: info@legatohost.com 

Address: 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd Suite 111, Unit 153, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

Seller of Travel Registrations: CA: 2130335-70 | WA: 604118560 | FL: ST41147 

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