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To provide a platform for entrepreneurs to create, develop, and enjoy the benefits of their work in one of the fastest growing segments of the American economy, the travel industry.

We took our decades of experience and created a fresh, new approach. We refer to this as the three S's:

    • Simplify - Simple and straightforward.
    • Serve - we are here to Serve you.
    • Support - we want to Support and help you succeed.
We believe that YOU are the core of your business, not a host agency, consortia, suppliers, or any other entity. Your business is unique, just like you, and we are committed to meeting your needs. Whether you're brand new to the industry or have been around for awhile, you have full and equal access to all parts of Legato. You don't have sales quotas or hidden fees to worry about. We place you at the center of your business and surround you with a network of highly trained professionals that have a track record of success in their chosen fields.

We take a customized approach in assisting you, recognizing that your business is important to you, that you take pride in it, and have specific goals that you want to achieve.




No matter how long you've been in the travel industry, there will always be a need to develop and monitor the growth. We will guide you through our process, which allows you to identify the areas to dedicate your resources, while giving you the tools and the team of professionals to propel growth. We will get to know you, your agency, and your dreams as we work together to create a plan to help achieve your success.

YOU define what Success looks like, and we will be there to Serve and Support.

We are so confident in our model that we don't charge or create hidden fees. You get paid, we get paid. It's that simple. Why should you be charged a monthly fee if you didn't sell something? Or why should you pay exorbitant fees, or be required to generate horrendous volume, just to earn a higher commission split? It doesn't make sense to us - so we don't do it. Since our objective is to properly set you up, train you and help you grow your business, we want to see you receive the maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

Our plan is simple. . .

If you are currently an agent, there are NO startup fees, NO monthly fees, and the best part, a 90/10 commission split for ALL agents! If you've been away from the travel industry, are ready to return, or have never worked in the industry, you pay a one-time system access cost of $350. You immediately begin to earn at a 90/10 commission split with NO monthly fees. To top it all off, we pay commissions on a weekly basis. We make compensation simple and straightforward.

90/10 commission split for all agents. No monthly or annual fees. Weekly pay. No joke!

It takes a lot to run an agency in this busy life, so we have worked diligently to help simplify it for our agents. Having these perks doesn't mean you have to sacrifice services. Here are some of what we offer:

    • CRM for invoicing and client management
    • Destination Training
    • Business Training
    • Business Development Services from suppliers and Legato staff
    • Sabre as our Global Distribution System (GDS)
    • Websites options
    • Freedom to choose suppliers - you select the best supplier to meet your client's desires

Since our success is directly tied to yours, we have a vested interest to provide you with the best tools and service.

We will place you and your business at the core. We will Serve you, Support you, and be there through your Successes and down times. We will be transparent in our business dealings and operate with the highest level of integrity. We will listen to your needs and respond to your input. We will be both coach and cheerleader. We will help simplify the process by navigating you through the industry.

Come #JoinTheRevolution of truly independent travel agents!

For more info, contact us:
Email: [email protected]|Phone: (855) 453-4286

No, but I want too
Don't worry, we'll never spam you and your data is protected by our Privacy Policy